Workout Tutorial: Situps – Freeletics training tips

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The full range of motion makes Freeletics Situps highly effective. To perform a Freeleetics Situp with proper form, start in a seated position, feet together.

1. Hands touch ground in front of feet.
2. Hands touch ground behind head.
3. Hands touch ground in front of feet. Glutes and feet touch ground at all times, feet remain together at all times, abs stay tight.

Implement sit-ups into your workout and start with Aphrodite as your first Freeletics workout.

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11 thoughts on “Workout Tutorial: Situps – Freeletics training tips”

  1. i CAN'T do this ! I'm not fat at all, I'm kinda sportive, I can do hundred of crunches with no problem but i CAN'T do a sit up like that, seems like something is blocking in the middle of my move, what can i do ?

  2. The arm-movement here is awesome. With the more typical fixed position of my hands behind the head, I had issues preventing myself from pushing with the back of my shoulders, rather than using abdominals for the initial rising in the movement, but this technique automatically makes that impossible. =)

  3. nothing wrong with the technique, but it makes things too easy. i prefer having my hands and elbows behind my head, or if I want a change, i'll spread my arms out wide, in a line with my chest. 

  4. Although your feets touch each other at all times, you do have to spread your legs a bit while rising to the sitting position in order your hands to be able to touch the ground in front of your feet, right? Or is it because I am not flexible enough that I spread them?


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