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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš, Prague based journalists


  1. my honest guide: Prague 1 contains lots of beautiful and historical things that you can see in a day and if you are ok with tourists, you will have a blast. All the more interesting stuff is in literally every other numbered part of Prague up to 10.

  2. Cant wait to get back and visit Prague again, one of the cities where we have always felt most safe, very clean, and good cheap beer, even if it should cost 5euro to danes that under half the price of what it costs in Denmark. I know of places where we found beer for as little as 1,06 euro, so yeah Prague has so much to offer, we are certainly going back. Since 2010 we (wife and I) been there like 8-10 times, still amazed about the places to be found 🙂

  3. Your idea is probably very much felt by anyone watching many edited videos about places around the world. You can always complain, make everything seem dull and sour and make a boring sulky face. You made a very good point.

  4. This was possibly the best video I think you've made. Makes me want to come to Prague and enjoy the sites and the food that it has to offer.

    OMG what a load of shyte. I don't know why you would make such garbage. Stick to scam videos showing what a pathetic place it is to visit.

  5. The good things are more useful to know. The bad ones you'll find them alone too, and if you miss them it's not a problem. But if you miss a good place you could have seen but you didn't know it existed, is worse.

  6. Так ведут себя либералы из России, один в один! В России ищут только грязь, на западе только красивые места! Так же говорят только хорошие слова про Запад и плохие про Россию!
    Если вы вдруг встретили русскоговорящего в Европе или еще где и он вам начинает рассказывать, что "в России все плохо" – знайте, перед вами либерал(предатель). Не имейте с ними дел.

  7. lol, I should do a video like this about the French Quarter in New Orleans. 😂 I'm always trying to explain this very same thing to people (except about New Orleans).


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