What is a Blog?

Blogging on platforms like WordPress has become very popular over the past 10 years. This video is an introduction to blogging in plain english and was designed to give viewers a brief overview of what blogging is and how to participate.

For more information on Edublogs visit: http://edublogs.org/

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48 thoughts on “What is a Blog?”

  1. I agree with the two comments below mine – this video was very helpful and to the point in its description and explanation of what a blog is – it was clear and easy to understand! After watching a different video that was very long winded and talked excessively (and very slowly) about what a blog is without actually getting to the point and doing a good job, I really appreciated finding this one. Thank you! 🥰

  2. Hello rightful owner. you have an amazing video! I think it suits in my ongoing Ebook writing. I am asking permission from the owner, can I download it and put in my Ebook? I make sure to give credits to the rightful owner. would you allow me? thank you & hoping for you positive response

  3. Hello i am a grade 6 student and we have a P.T it said we need to create a blog by our selves but i don't know any free blog makers all of the others cost money can you do a video with free blog makers and how to make an account? Thank you!

  4. 9 years ago you published this article, this simple straight to the point presentation👍. I've been thinking about sharing my story about my life. I've been told I should write a book but books are a waste of trees and sit on selves forever and nobody reads. I've been searching for someone to explain this process and like someone mentioned before, you nailed it. So many others out there just like to brag about the $$ they make, bla, bla this and bla blas that🙄for me its not about making the 6 figure income, its telling my story my way! The real story, not the gossip story, the story only me and God know about! It's not about explaining myself but telling a story about a 6 year Indigenous boy of survived unmentionable trauma, finished high school at 15 to get away from the trauma, overcame an addiction, healed, or is still healing from his trauma. Found his traditional ways of knowing (traditional ceremonies such as sweats, sundance, fasting and becoming a pipe holder and elder) and healed through that process. I earned two degree, was a peace officer, social worker, mental health therapist and started my own business 2002-2023 with nothing but determination and desire to succeed, it was never about the money! I'm 65 years old now and it's time to tell me story, and tell what's really between the lines. Now I just need some guidance and directions to begin!

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