Update from Ukraine | New Tactics and more losses for them

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27 thoughts on “Update from Ukraine | New Tactics and more losses for them”

  1. I am amazed that the Ukrainian Citizen Army are still in the field. And have withstood this Russian invasion and hold ground using what is basically a CITIZEN ARMY including both men and women. Witnessed a similar phenomenon in 2014 when the Kurds in Northern Iraq defeated the DAESh Islamist Orcs…against all odds. The Kurds were hopelessly outnumbered but they won. READ Long Shot by Azud Cudi.

  2. I am really sorry for the people of Ukraine. They have been persuaded to become a tool of the NATOT to fight a proxy war against Russia. You Ukraine people are misused by the USA and their MILITARY INDUSTRIAL KOMPLEX, and you pay a high price.

  3. The west will drip-feed weapons to bleed Russia white and when Russia gives in the western bankers will move into Moscow, their intended aim all along. This war has bugger all to do with land or independence.

  4. Don't get any more human soldiers surrounded by the Orcs because you'll need soldiers for the counter-attack one day to get the eastern & southern bits of Ukraine back (assuming someone will give you the armaments you don't manufacture). Don't get surrounded.

  5. 12:00 Kherson fell to Russian forces almost without a fight, and the population has adjusted to Russian occupation, except for some sporadic protests.
    Kherson is a peaceful city now, under Russian control, like Mariupol was, under Ukrainain control, before Russian aggression led to its total destruction and massacre of tens of thousands of civilians. So any attempt to recapture Kherson, would lead to a bloodbath, just like what happened in Mariupol. Is the Kiev regime ready to massacre its own people?

  6. Ukrainian delusions never end.

    Russia is fighting Ukraine with only 200,000 troops. Just a fraction of its military, but is still defeating Ukraine. Even though Ukraine is backed by NATO.

    Every day Russia loses only dozens of men and Ukraine loses more that 200 (dead).

    If only Ukrainian leadership could admit their mistake trying to assimilate with NATO, tens of thousands of Ukrainians would be alive and Ukraine would still have a future.

    But Ukraine chose death and destruction.

    Now the US weapons shipments dwindles to nothing. Not a surprise. The end of this war was knowns on Feb 24th. But so many delusional clowns will hide from reality and when all the world accepts Ukraine's defeat what will the clowns do? They will forget they were completely deluded because that fact is hard for them to accept. They will forget all of it an they will move on to be clowns towards something else.

    Denys is one of those clowns. He has been wrong all along, but when will he admit it?

  7. Dear Denys, if BelaRussia attack Ukraine it’s 3rd country direct involvement which means UNO can defend directly with the military for only BelaRussiaian army.

  8. Denys, I appreciate your coverage. Can u explain Nazism, Facism in Ukraine and the killing of thousands in Donbass.? Also not allowing anyone to speak Russian in Ukraine. Hard to get the full picture from what we presently see


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