The Real Endgame Weapons Of The Division 2

In Tom Clancy’s #TheDivision2 you have access to The Sharpshooter’s sniper rifle, The Demolitionist’s grenade launcher, and The Survivalist’s crossbow – all powerful endgame items that will for sure create an explosive ending for your enemies. Want to see how that same weaponry operates in real life? Watch Tim Kennedy show you exactly how in this hands-on demonstration.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a shooter RPG with campaign, co-op, and PvP modes that offers more variety in missions and challenges, new progression systems with unique twists and surprises, and fresh innovations that offer new ways to play.

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47 thoughts on “The Real Endgame Weapons Of The Division 2”

  1. Only the division can make a crossbow more power than a .50 cal precision rifle and it can’t even take a helmet off a named elite from less than a 100 meters away. If they can dull the shit outta rifle like that, I can’t wait to see how anemic they make the M134.

  2. It can pierce through armoured enemies? Nope. Not in game. Pretty sure it's broken 'cause it still takes multiple shots to take off even an armoured helmet.

  3. Too bad none of the Specializations actually live up to this hype.
    40mm has laughable splash radius, .50cal is an airsoft gun and the Crossbow is basically the 40mm with one shot.

    Let us not forget specialist ammo is now as rare as a free speech college campus.

  4. the sniper is the most useless. it does almost the same damage as the other strong snipers. sure I can line up few enemies to get five hits one shot but you have to be good like me to do that and any baby can get a grenade launcher and hit 7 with one. the sniper should create a sense of danger and also not accurate.

  5. I need to find a trainer or something. I’m not a gun person especially when it comes to “normal” everyday life as I prefer handling things via hand to hand; however, I’d love to learn how to snipe.

    In fact, it’s always been one of my fav things to do in FPS games(despite me not being good at it at all on a lot of occasions 🤣😥).

  6. " Special Forces Sniper, Ranger, and Green Beret". Tim Kennedy: I Love You, My Guy. However, that initial comment You made in the genesis of the video is misleading and disingenuous. There is no separate MOS for Sniper in The Army, for while the Marine Corps has the MOS of 0317, the Army solely has a mere ASI of Bravo Four. The Ranger Tab You earned was either when You were in the 75th Ranger Regiment, prior to Special Forces, or, You went to Special Forces and then went to and graduated from Ranger School. Green Beret is a headgear, Special Forces refers to the Tier Two Special Operations Forces Unit and the SPECIAL FORCES Long Tab each 18 Series Special Forces Soldier earn at graduation from SFQC. Please and Thank You, choose Your Military Terminology correctly. Rodriguez, Out.🇺🇸


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