Quick Tip: Fixing cached preview needs 2 or more frames to playback.

In this episode I will show you some solutions to help prevent the After effects error, Fixing Cached Preview needs 2 or more frames to playback.

***More Tips***
Go to Preferences – Memory – Then uncheck the box next to “Reduce cache size when system….”

If you are running Adobe CC downgrade to a earlier version of adobe for free, check out this video to see how to download old versions. @1:30 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9xr6lsmlM8

After Effect system requirements:

0:00 Intro
0:24 System Requirements
0:43 The Error
0:58 Purging
1:20 Clear Cache
2:06 Focus Attention
2:47 Outro
2:58 Check Description

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49 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Fixing cached preview needs 2 or more frames to playback.”

  1. Hello all, if you have tried all the recommendations and it still isn't working, I managed to fix mine by saving the whole project under a different name and changing the output to a different folder. I'm not sure which actually did it, but either both or one of them resolved the issue for me.

  2. Ok, so I did all the things mentioned here but it wasn't working, also after restarting ae and laptop. I played the composition in which were all other compositions then came back to the one that wasn't working. Drag the timeline bar few seconds later in and then it started to play. :')

  3. My problem comes from Magic Bullet Looks and I tried literraly everything, nothing is working. The effects was rendering before, but since a while, it always creates this error and nothing works.

  4. Idk if there is someone in the same case as me but i have a good pc with 16 ram and intel core i7, i wanted to upscale a video into 4k ( its the first time i try doing this ), i followed a tutorial and for upscaling this video i need to convert the videos into jpeg file, so i did and i used a logiciel for upscaling the image, and after that i imported the image into sequence in ae, after that i clicked right in the footage and choosed "interpret the footage" and then i clicked "main", so i followed the tutorial and when i did that, "Error : cached preview needs 2 or more frames to playback" appeared so when i try to convert my image sequence into a video it doesn't work, i would like to fix that

    But still, my ae work well if i try to edit a video, this error appear only when i want to convert image sequence into a video so i want to fix that

  5. after doing the first option, I tried to playback my entire animation, but it would only render 2 frames, and it would continually repeat the same 2 frames! IDK what just happened!

  6. None of these worked for me, so I just went through and deleted (and then un-deleted) each layer in the composition that was causing me issues, until I found the culprit! Then I just remade that layer from scratch (pulling the animations from the layer that wasn't working). Seeing these other comments though, it may have been something to do with the puppet pin tool, but I'm not sure, since I already sorted out another solution before trying that.

  7. what I have found is that there is no fking solution. and everyone has some random solution becuase it randomly started working… this problem has existed for over 10 years! After effects at the core is a POS software that is obsolete… I am using 2022 and this stupid message still shows up! Why doesnt MOCHA or SILOHUETTE have this problem? It will cache everything.consistently everytime….there isnt all of these stupid steps. VOODOO cause none of these steps work…closing apps! LOL I have 192 gigs of ram. these are all hopeless hell mary BS!

  8. In my case and this has happened on multiple occasions with difference projects, I duplicated the Ae file and renamed it, then I had to keep Ps and Ai open for it to work, I also opened the Ps and Ai files using reveal in finder, I hid some recent layers and showed them again and it worked, then the 2nd time I opened the same file it didn't run, tried all the troubleshooting and the problem still isn't fixed. I think it has something to do with Dynamic Link???

  9. Nothing did the trick for me, but I figured it out.

    My problem was that I was using the Puppet Pin Tool within a composition and had the comp set to "Continuously Rasterize" (the little star shape thing you can enable on the layer for maintaining good quality when scaling vector objects), because I need it to be enabled. Disabling this did the trick.

    Meanwhile, the layer affected by the Puppet Pin have this enabled by default, but enabling it for the composition these vector layers are in doesn't work? Alrighty then. Adobe, please fix.


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