49 thoughts on “[Official] Live2D Cubism 3.0 Tutorial 01 "Texture material"”

  1. I'm using GIMP to make PSD files, do you still need to import a script? I like how this company assumes that everyone using it can afford the Adobe subscription costs

  2. can someone help? for some reason I cant download the script
    it says this:




    [my email] でログイン中です。


    I already tried to change the account, but it's show the same thing, please help me

    (and sorry my bad english)

  3. I just found out about all this today and this is the most easy to understand video I've seen so far. Excellent. The workload is striking at first, but as I'm already learning 2D animation (I basically have to animate all these single pieces hundreds of times in all the variations here, so that's not scary) and I've learned a bit of 3D animation and the learning curve for that is the scariest thing I've encountered so far. So, this isn't too bad. Just a lot of pondering about the prep for the model, I don't use photoshop, so I'll have to learn in another program (looks like firealpaca will do just fine). Learning geometry nodes in 3D is an absolute nightmare, so I think I can do this at least kinda well. lol. Just gotta find the time aside from 2D and 3D animation lol. Good luck to everyone venturing into this.


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