NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB Review: Overclocking, Ray-Tracing, Thermals

This review looks at the new NVIDIA RTX 2060 Founders Edition card vs. RTX 2070, GTX 1070, 960, Vega 56, and more.
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Reviewing the RTX 2060 Founders Edition card takes aim primarily at gaming benchmarks, with particular effort dedicated to thermals, overclocking, power, and noise. The overclocking results are the most interesting, considering how they interact with RTX 2070 positioning, and are worth a close look when considering buying the RTX 2060 vs. RTX 2070. Vega 56 also gets testing, of course, and represents the more enthusiast OC style.

As for thermals, power, and noise, the RTX 2060 undergoes this testing with the Founders Edition cooler and reference PCB, which is the same as a reference RTX 2070 PCB except with fewer memory modules.

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Testing, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

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43 thoughts on “NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB Review: Overclocking, Ray-Tracing, Thermals”

  1. The 3060 will be $400-450 msrp lol. Their gullible fanboys will still buy though, I'm waiting to see what they do when the green goblin raises xx60 series to 500-550 msrp though, and who knows what insane prices the higher level cards will be.

  2. After seeing these numbers for the 2060, i'm questioning whether the 2070 at 599 has any value. So close on the real world experience, and a huge price difference right now. I'm actually scoping out a used 1080 ti now.

  3. Just bought and MSI RTX 2060 for $359, so far I'm not terribly impressed from my R9 390. I had issues just installing new drivers for the card. I used DDU to obliterate any AMD AND Nvidia drivers that may have been in the PC prior to installing my new GPU. I had to install GeForce Experience and download the driver that way before it actually installed. Even though I downloaded the exact same driver from Nvidias site before using GeForce Experience to finish the job that should of been done with the driver I downloaded!

    I haven't used an Nvidia GPU since the GTX 560 Ti. I used an R9 390 since that GPU for 4 years, and recently two RX 580 GPUs in Xfire. But, the RX 580s both failed… as I got them used and they were mined on, I guess the power section didn't get enough cooling… but anyways, long story and I ended up going with the RTX 2060 as it seemed the best investment for the next 2 to 3 years vs. anything AMD currently has and the GTX 1660 and 1660 TI.

    After getting the drivers installed, I have been some-what impressed with the performance. Heaven benchmark (although synthetic), was 40 FPS on average better than my R9 390! That is a great result, but it is on a program that favors tessellation , and AMD isn't that great at that kind of rendering. In real world performance it was better, but not the kind of leap ahead I was expecting… this is a 2019 GPU vs a 2015 GPU after all. Anthem still plays like crap, when it should be much better with an RTX 2060… although, I guess the performance is more of an optimization issue than anything else at this point. That game was simply not ready to launch. That is obvious from the amount of bugs in the game. EA has made Bioware a P.O.S company and the people that quit the company saw this coming and it hurt Bioware development badly.

    Not to mention EA forcing DICE Frostbite on every game, even if it's not the kind of game that fits the tool set of the gaming engine! EA is a fucking tool of a company and they literally killed Bioware by driving people off that felt the corporate stench invading their artistic expression with that capitalistic ideal of making as much cash as possible and BE DAMNED to make a great game anymore!

  4. It is a sample so the whole hot glue thingy is expected i guess. they don't want to risk any failure with media but on the other hand they do know that you guys always take these things a part.

  5. Hey noob here though I build the pc I have now a few years ago I still have the same gtx 980

    what card would be best to go for a 2060 or gtx 1080 I would be more using it for VR games but and VR using the upcoming headsets but not too bothered about if I have to dial settings down a bit

    I would be playing normal games also but again I do not mind if I can not play them at full top settings

    I am not wanting to have to upgrade my motherboard or CPU though which are a MSI Z97 GAMING 5 and i7 4790k 4.0ghz

  6. one question. I bought this card and I'm getting BFV locked at 60 fps @1080p. There are some hiccups here and there but I've never seen anything above 60 fps. I already selected the frames refresher rates for 200, but resolution states only 1080p60hz. what could be wrong? I got the latest drivers.

  7. Say, I know that it might sound like a stupid question, but WHY is there a drop in performance when ray-tracing is turned on, when RTX cards reportedly have DEDICATED ray-tracing cores? Shouldn't these dedicated cores work in parallel to the rasterisation cores? From what I understand, Nvidia's "real-time ray-tracing" is actually a hybrid approach, where the scene is first rendered via rasterisation and then lighting effects are computed via ray-tracing. Meaning that if the graphical pipeline is divided into two tasks and each task has its own dedicated cores, shouldn't they be able to do their work at the same time instead of one after the other?

  8. Probably nobody is gonna read this but i found this video because i'm building a new PC soon.
    2060 is now the same price as a sapphire vega 64. So then vega 64 would be the one to get right?
    Is it not a problem that it's much older? like with driver support etc.
    Gonna wait for navi news first ofcourse, which is coming soon now, but < €380 for a sapphire (great cooler) vega 64 looks very good to me.

  9. looks like RX 5700 XT and Pro will be edging out or matching RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 but that blower will be holding it back. I really want to see how the new RDNA cards overclock on some AIB coolers but it looks like most gamers not wanting to try out RTX reature will have a viable alternative finally. Cant wait to see the liquid cooler mod.

  10. Hi, one question, it`s it normal for the card to got that hotter? I`m also got a RTX 2060 and when playing games like ark or Far cry blood dragon the temp goes beyond 70 ºC.

  11. Worst VGA i ever bought. Ray-tracing is available only in a dozen games, poor quality performance if you enable it, and very poor with a 3,5K-VR system.
    Spend more, but buy 2070S!! You won't regret it.
    This 2060 equals the 1060-1070Ti old gen.
    I had to OC harder (+12/15%) to go over a standard 1080 but less than a 1080Ti!!!

  12. I have a thermaltake tr2 s series 500w 80plus white psu. i am planning to upgrade to a zotac rtx 2060 amp edition. can i use my existing psu? btw my processor is an amd a10-7860k, 2 hdds and 3 rgb fans. Thanks a lot!

  13. Geez I wish my 2060 was that nice looking. The one I got with my Alienware prebuilt was a small one fan version and I couldn't really tell by who it was from either. I know it's a real 2060 but it must be the lowest end model u can get:/.

  14. my overclocked 2060 is still going strong 2 years later boosting to 2.1Ghz easily, basically matching 2070 stock performance. Very good performance overall still and the card aged very well imo. I got mine for like $280 as well. I will sit on it until 4060. That should be a good upgrade 🙂
    I hope all the games add DLSS2.0 support in the mean time, it gives this card a lot of lasting potential. It runs Cyberpunk really well because of it while gtx1080 struggles a lot.

  15. i just replaced my Founders 980 Ti with an OEM 2060…the 2060 has across the board about a 20% improvement in average FPS for 1080p Ultra-gaming. Was quite surprised as the 980 Ti is (was?) a very strong flagship card only two generations previous to the 2060. I can highly recommend the 2060 for gamers on a budget (stock problems however are still an issue…that's why i got an OEM one).


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