Niche Ideas for Technology Blog | Start a Tech blog & Earn $1090/Month | Example Tech Blogging Site

There is huge potential for technology blogging and its evergreen niche.
Only condition is you should fine low competition micro niche related to technology and start your tech blog.

One reason why tech blog looks so attractive is because of less number of good bloggers compared to other niches.

To write good content for technology blog, you need to understand the technical details of the equipment or solution. Because of this reason, the generic bloggers will not show much interest towards this niche. And, not many people who have expertise in technology related topics will have blogging skills and knowledge. Due to this mismatch, tech niche is still comparatively low competitive.

The best way to make this successful is two or more people come together and form a team. Ensure, the team has minimum one strong technical expert and one strong blogger with keyword research skills. The team should work together and generate high quality content for low competition topics, for sure, the tech blog will attract lot of traffic.

We verified a successful tech blog built on Router micro niche with Domain Rating (DR) 6.

Technology Blog Case study : Example Tech blog built on Router Micro Niche
– Example Technology blog has Traffic Value of $10.9K+ per month
– The Domain Rating (DR) of the example Router tech blog is just 6.
– The Reference tech blog ranking for 49.6K+ Keywords Organically
– The Reference technology blog getting 46K+ organic traffic per month

A very detailed and scientific analysis was done to discover this Micro niche related to Router Technology Blogging.
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13 thoughts on “Niche Ideas for Technology Blog | Start a Tech blog & Earn $1090/Month | Example Tech Blogging Site”

  1. Sir 20 KD is not good for new blogs. Try to target kr below 5-6 for new blogs.. Secondly make a video on KGR technique. This is important for new bloggers.

    Also show the domain age of the reference blogs

  2. Technical Writers are different from normal content writers and bloggers. First they gather the product purpose(terminology, technology, info on how it works) from co-workers in live. Then they do major test cases with the product; observe it's functionality on their own. Then they write all the technical details, user manual (along with screen shots) about that product. This entire process for a single product involves around 6 to 8 months.


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