Insane Compact NAS 2014 – 48TB of Network-attached Storage

What do you do when you come across 48TB of HDD storage? You build a NAS!

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43 thoughts on “Insane Compact NAS 2014 – 48TB of Network-attached Storage”

  1. wow, 4 years later low and behold im doing this config in raid 50 instead. I didnt even know linus did this video, i even looked into an l2 cache, whould have saved some time if i had seen this. yeah the l2 cache doesn't help. this has me wondering what work load you would be needing to fully use an L2 cache.

  2. Back in 2014, the amount of 48 TB sounded more impressive….now, it's barely a 4 bay unit…..(although 6 bays is better to go RAID 6, at least)

  3. … If you could only do something bigger… Like a petabyte server… Or maybe 2 petabyte… I think this Linus guy should talk with 45 drives and make such a project… Their are also from Canada

  4. Needs a refresh for 2020. Fractal, Silverstone – your cases are old and outdated. DS380 needs an update (and I don't mean DS381!!!), also Node304 needs a downsizing / SFX only etc / maybe hot swap.

  5. Having too little ram doesn't risk losing data in ZFS ( 3:29) , where did that idea come from? If you have a bit less than the 1GB RAM per 1TB of storage rule of thumb that just has to do with caching efficiency.

  6. A 2021 update (including part list /links to Amazon for purchase) would be great. A 'build a PC for Dummies' approach would be appreciated. This card has a video out, and comes with a processor, right? So, case, PS, Ram, HD are the only other items, right?

  7. When I researched HHD's, more particularly HHD's for servers, I found that almost all server banks avoided Seagate. They cited longevity as the deciding factor. Hitachi was their #1 choice with WD coming in second. Seagate was dead last! Imagine my surprise when Linus parades out a lineup of 8 Seagate HHD's and proceeds to talk them up like he's a salesman for Seagate and he's trying to close a multi-million dollar deal! Sorry Linus, Seagate really screwed me over in the past and I just don't forgive that easily…not even for you.


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