Ever had this feeling? Feeling like a dog: you understand English, but you cannot speak it. Action plan to solve this problem!
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Struggling to speak English? Here are a few tips:
– You already have everything you need to speak English
– You need a stressful situation to start speaking
– Try starting a YouTube channel in English
– Ask people to repeat
– Maintain eye contact to show that you are interested in the conversation
– Don’t overcomplicate
– Have a clear Call to Action
– Remember that people won’t laugh at you if speak with an accent

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46 thoughts on “I UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, BUT I CAN'T SPEAK IT – action plan”

  1. I feel comfortbale when i see that a lot of people suffer from this problem too😂💔. Every time I took a decision to feel more confident and to talk fluently with others I've mentioned that nothing goes right with me
    And it seems like it's my first conversation in english. That makes me feel so bad
    but it's all right we gonna overcome it🤝

  2. In my case, I know I have a lot of English words in my head, but honestly, my ideas were burned immediately. I don't know but I think that the main problem is my insecurities and mental blockage as well. I need to know what the reason is why it happens all the time.

  3. It is not a big problem to speak and write anything. It will be problem of contrpartner to understand it. I can describe anything by synonima words and repeat more time, and explane by jesticulation, mimicc, pictures. But in my opinion, the most problem to understand your discuss partner. Because there are a lot of synonima and slang words, which I don't know. In this case I try to understand even tiny part of words and context to understand the topic of discussion. For example: "Кемска волость" 🙂


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