How We Get Paid to Travel, and How You Can Too

Is it really possible to get paid to travel the world? In this video, I’ll show you that yes, it can happen. But it’s also not as simple as those three magic words might suggest. This is a deep dive into what it takes to become a travel influencer or travel blogger or travel vlogger.

00:22 What I’ll be covering in this video
02:13 My background and track record as a travel creator
04:58 What is a travel creator?
05:43 Why are travel creators even a thing?
07:36 How do travel creators make money?
15:06 Which types of travel work pay and which do not?
22:04 What makes for a good travel creator?
23:46 How can you improve your content?
26:02 10-step plan to become a travel creator
27:06 Which social media platforms you should focus on
35:19 What camera and gear you need to get started

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45 thoughts on “How We Get Paid to Travel, and How You Can Too”

  1. Wow! This was fantastic. You definitely could have charged money for all of this information. I really enjoyed the 3 aspects of a good travel channel. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sincere thanks for your video. It was so precise, honest and professional. You gave us a crystal clear context from which to view your channel. More power to you and your partner.

  3. I love your voice. I have watched a few of these videos today and stopped paying attention because the person was either too dry or too hype. Your voice is perfect. You've gained a subscriber that is going to actually watch. Thank you so much for the content.

  4. please help me anyone to travel with u because i don't have money to travel i have passport i will come with u anywhere trust me i am friendly with u i am genuinely good person i will give entertainment for u …i am a boy my age 27 ..anyone interest please help me God bless you

  5. Hi you 4, we are your biggest fans, thank you for the inspiration you are giving us. Based on your channel we also though to give it a try and follow your footsteps 🙂 Thanks for your infos in this clip here

  6. Wake up to reality. You live in the USA. Most people in the USA do not have a passport and have never set foot outside of that messed up country. Just get a grip….

  7. My mind regarding unpaid but full stay is, that even when they cover the food for the week you still have costs to cover at your actual home. So when you are there regular life still needs to be taken care of.

  8. I love watching you and your family travels ,the girls have grown so much started watching, continue to encourage,inspire me to travel other countries and cultures and cities, don't stop please, and the girls will try all the foods from the countries, safe travel 🛩🛶🛳⛴⛵

  9. Gold information, you give TikTok more than he deserve I think TikTok its not professional at all special in this period, Yes Instagram dead only when it comes to making photography content , I said that because I have worked with big brands using only My Instagram account, the focus is on Youtube and Instagram if we are talking about professional content

  10. This was really helpful and appreciate the time you put into sharing this. I like the fact that you show when things go wrong in the videos but also when they work out as well. Travel should be fun but some times it can be really aggravating. For example how to manage travel during Covid especially with respect to non-refundable flights and hotel stays. It's really an issue especially if you or anyone gets sick overseas. I hope you cover it in one of your videos because that can happen and can be very expensive situation.

  11. This video was great. Found it to be really insightful. Will apply much of this as my partner venture to begin our business. So inspired. Very digestible into a perspective steps to take, and information to keep in mind.


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