HOW TO VLOG For Beginners // Tips to make better vlogs & become a SUCCESSFUL VLOGGER on YouTube

How to vlog for beginners. Sharing tips to help you make better vlogs on YouTube and become a successful vlogger in 2020!
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So you want to be a successful vlogger on YouTube? Well today I’m sharing some of the best vlogging tips that I’ve learned over the years! I’m talking about finding the perfect vlogging camera, how to film a vlog, and how to make your vlogs more interesting. The biggest misconception when it comes to vlogging is that it’s easy. You just pick up your camera and film a day in the life. When in reality, there is a lot that you need to know if you want to make good vlogs.

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Sharing YouTube tips to help you grow your YouTube channel faster than you thought possible!

43 thoughts on “HOW TO VLOG For Beginners // Tips to make better vlogs & become a SUCCESSFUL VLOGGER on YouTube”

  1. I know you posted this over 2 years ago but I'm wanting to vlog my surrogacy experience so I'm trying to learn how to vlog and make it look good.🤪
    Love your content, been watching for several months now. I do the bloopers at the end of my videos too! They are my absolute fav! Keep it up! You're killin it!

  2. I like you and I like your Vlogs/videos I have already subscribed and liked. Buy you are so great at what you do that ( subconsciously I tied to like 👍 your video again 😅 but I already did that.)

  3. I'm new here, and I really enjoy your videos and explanation on how to VLOG. It's not only going to help me out in the long run, but others as well. I definitely will be subscribing, and I NEVER subscribe unless it's AMAZING content.

  4. Catrin… we have great content but realised as you noted that the technical side is difficult and hard to get right. Are there people out there who collaborate with people like us that don’t have the skills?

  5. My cousins want to start a yt channel so it’s abt the three of us, which we are still trying to figure out what we want to do. The two options we are discussing is gaming or vloging maybe even twitch and stuff. But yeah thank you so much for this video it helps a lot

  6. a friend told me about your channel since I've been wanting to start my youtube channel and take it to the next level and your content has actually helped so much and gives so many helpful tips and examples

  7. Thanks! Helpful, I've always wanted to vlog and I'm going to start tomorrow because I have something interesting going on! Starting with a introducing myself and a grwm. Good idea? I already post content even with real life stuff but nobody knows who I am

  8. Love this video!!! Lots and lots of information. I have two questions. 1) do you have a video on how to edit a broll shot? And 2) where do you set up your phone when you’re filming in a store?

  9. There is something unique about your video, it's the first time I see your videos and I felt you are authentic and in original in each and every step in filming this video from the way you how you explain everything to the way you share your information , thumbs up, keep it up


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