How to VLOG – Beginners Guide

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00:00 – How To Vlog
01:26 – The Gear
04:50 – Shooting
11:50 – Editing
16:01 – Final Touches
18:26 – What I’ve Learned

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39 thoughts on “How to VLOG – Beginners Guide”

  1. Thank you. This is helpful. I have been thinking about vlogging my adventures in retirement, but I feel the challenge is to be the director and to tell a story. I am good at telling stories verbally, so now, the quest is to figure out how to tell a story with video. Your YouTube posts are helpful; I have subscribed. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Thank you Jeven Dovey! You are a great genuine and natural person and the top of it you provides us a lots of usefull info. Your style is trustable and I like watching your videos.

  3. You talked about scrubbing video you shot to see what you have to edit with, Is there a way that FCPX (I use) you can have it that, any video you bring in/import that you can tell you imported it? When I shoot basketball games for example, all the video thumbnails look identical, I know even software like iMovie shows an orange line on the video clip that you are using that video section on the timeline. Does Final Cut Pro X have that for when you are importing videos from a large shoot/collection of clips so you can see what you already imported ?

  4. Beginners need technical basics, before you even get to content. What good does this vid on content do if you don't show camera setup, phone use, tripods in use, how to upload, etc.

  5. What if i never have anything going on, im a highschool student with no money, no job, but i have a cool car. I dont know how to make it interesting with little to nothing to work with

  6. Wow dude. I've watched a ton of "how to vlog" videos and yours is by far the most comprehensive one that I've seen. You've given me the blueprint to hopefully start my own vlogging journey in the future. You gained a new sub today! 😊

  7. I disagree! Yes some people do like myself enjoy being a fly on the wall in someone’s life. Yes the person has to be of interest to you but if your interested in that person ie they’re artists or my favourite vlogger is Alex of Curiosity Inc. He has a variety of vlogs and I don’t watch them all but…by the number of subscribers he has I am not the only one.


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