How to Start Money Making Blog for FREE with WordPress, AdSense, Affiliate & Email Marketing 2022

How to Start a Money Making Blog for FREE With WordPress, Google AdSense, Google Analytics. Hustle Popup Builder, Affiliate & Email Marketing etc. 2022. Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners
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00:00 Introduction & Demo Website Tour
09:39 Best & Fastest Hosting
19:22 Installing WordPress
26:18 Basic WordPress Settings
31:32 Installing Themes & Plugins
34:04 Rank Math Setup
37:20 Creating Google Analytics Account
44:56 Writing Blog Post using Guttenberg
55:49 Doing SEO for Blog Posts
01:04:14 Creating Home Page
01:08:55 Home First Section
01:21:06 Home Page Categories Section
01:28:06 Home Blog Section
01:50:49 Make Website Mobile Friendly
01:55:36 Creating Other Pages
02:05:38 Header & Footer
02:15:21 Multi-Guest Author Post
02:20:02 Free Pop-up Builder
0226:50 Google AdSense Integration

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39 thoughts on “How to Start Money Making Blog for FREE with WordPress, AdSense, Affiliate & Email Marketing 2022”

  1. Hey there Nayyar, I am following your video about creating a website on youtube, and i have just ran into a minor problem… when i add a grid post, my blog post shows up on my home screen, however the photo does not follow accross? It just shows a little icon, and the name of the photo file… I have tried to change the photo, replace the photo, ect, but nothing seems to be working… I was just wondering weather you would help me out and if it was an easy fix?
    photo is photo is 849×478

  2. Bro I have one dought when you drag and drop the grid post who it's changing completely to a post? When I'm doing nothing happing.did I need select the post before drag and drop?and now timefor the custom CSS option is paid is there any other ways to do things?

  3. Thanks god i found this! You saved me! But… I need help. I did everything right, but my main language isn't english and my "comment box" have its text in english… i dont know how to change it! My wordpress is already set for my main language but it does nothing to this box :/

  4. I completed my website using Phlox theme but if you add a collapsible show hide function it is not mobile responsive. It extends the margin to the right and it also adjusts the rest of the post the same way. It will just go back to the correct way if you click less. Not a good theme.

  5. Sir , i want a multi author blogging site. I do not use features of wordpress like create and make position author, subscriber, editor. I want a seperate feature in site and write article on it.

  6. Me and 7 friends are watching your tutorial. We all got lost where you had us download your zip file for images. Opening it and everything. So were done watching your video and we are going to find another one. Too bad it sounded good until we got stuck. Later bloggdude

  7. Very confusing video. Your having us download all these images and text. So are we all going to have the same website? Your having us add all the images from your site. We all have different or no images yet. Were just building the blog. Confusing.


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