How to Start a Blog in 2023 – Easy Guide for Beginners

Get the free and easy step-by-step beginner’s guide on how to start a blog:

My blogging tutorial is designed just for beginners and it shows you exactly how to create a blog and easily customize it. Starting a blog doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Just follow the steps in the free blog tutorial to learn how to build a blog that fits your needs.

There are 3 basic steps to starting your blog:

1. Pick a name for your blog
This is a big decision, as this is the first thing every new visitor to your blog will see.
You may have heard various suggestions on how to choose a domain name, but there is really just one rule you need to follow: Be Descriptive!
More info on choosing a good blog name in Step #1 at

2. Install your blog software
Once you’ve picked out a name you will need to register it and get web hosting, which I show you how to do in the video (at about 6:32), or in Step #2 at
Once that’s done, it’s time to install your blog software. I highly recommend you use a free blogging software called WordPress. It’s what I show you how to use in the WordPress tutorial for beginners in the video above.

3. Write a post
With your WordPress blog installed you are ready to start writing blog posts! This is very easy to do, and I show you how to do things like add images and categorize your posts in the video tutorial (starting at 24:30).

Once you complete those three steps your blog will be fully functional. Of course, there is a ton of other stuff you can do with your blog. One of the coolest things you can do is customize the entire design. This is very easy to do, and I walk you through the process starting at about 32:30 of the video. I give you more tips on how to do this in Step #4 at

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27 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog in 2023 – Easy Guide for Beginners”

  1. Good video but too old. I just got started from your link and got confused when it came to adding pictures because it is different now and after that it was just chaotic, Couldnt figure out where things were, Please update

  2. Love it but the set up is different. Went through your Bluehost but I didn't get a password, I just hit and it started and the set up is different. Love this video though!! Hoping it helps me set it up. I think WordPress is automatically installed now.

  3. Still relevant 5 years after this originally posted. Thanks for sharing, and hope you are making bank from this video/your own blog because you’re helping so many!

  4. Can you make a new tutorial with the BlueHost Website Builder? If I disable that plugin, my whole blog goes to crap even though there's no content yet, but I don't have the same editing screens and plugins.
    Send help.

  5. Does anyone know how to contact Scott Chow? I read his blog, signed up to start one myself. I'm now stuck and need help getting started. I've sent him 5 or 6 messages and heard absolutely nothing from him. It's so frustrating. If I would have known that he doesn't respond to messages, I never would have taken the few steps I've taken.

  6. Hi Scott! I've searched high & low to find something to help me put the pieces together of my blog puzzle. I think you're the winner! One question, can you add video to the blog site? Thanks so much!


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