How To Start a Blog | How I Make Over $75,000 A Month Blogging

This video is my top tips for how to start a blog that makes money and I show you exactly how I earn over $75,000 a month on my blog.

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Another year, another blogging video! This video on how to start a blog is extra special because I am giving my top blogging tips I have used throughout the last four years to grow my blog to making over $75,000 a month.

These videos continue to be the most popular videos on my channels and I hope this one is equally as helpful as the other blogging videos!

You’re going to learn so much from this whether you are just starting blogging or if you are an advanced blogger. This video is all about the best blogging tips on how to start a blog and make money. #howtostartablog #bloggingtips #howtostartablogtomakemoney #howtostartablogandmakemoney #blogging

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49 thoughts on “How To Start a Blog | How I Make Over $75,000 A Month Blogging”

  1. i need help! i was trying to raise donations for my mom
    someone stole her entire life savings and my story i wrote out took me 6 hours and i blew past the amount of words i can say so they need to tell me i need to start a blog!
    i have a condition known as hip dysplacia making it nearly impossible to work with this condition i move at a snails pace if it gets to bad!
    i really need help and i think this might be my only alternative

  2. Hey, well i have a blog, and actually i am giving up on trying to monetize it, everytime i get rejected from google ads, i wish someone could help me please.

  3. Before you scroll past! Read up.
    What worked for Mr A might not work for Mr B! What worked for Mr B might not work for Mr C!
    Financial Freedom is our only hope to leave a better life and trust me what everyone needs is a little push and that's why I am here presenting FREE methods in which one could use to earn!! Not 6 FIGURES but it could go a long way, drop a text if need be the names above

  4. if everyone is earning 75k a month then donald trump should be worried about his properties because these guys and girls will buy half of the american property …what do you think

  5. I'm going to sign up for the Perfecting Pinterest course by the end of this month. I'm starting a blog around Thailand, which is also searched for on Pinterest a lot. Thanks for making these videos, Sophia.


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