How To Make a WordPress Blog – Step by Step

Learn how to create an amazing blog step by step with no step skipped.

We researched many, many blogs that earn from $1 dollar to $14 million dollars per month. We found what they had in common and simplified it into a 2 hour tutorial.

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You will learn:

How to get your own website name.
How to install WordPress.
How to make any blog design in the world.
How to post your latest articles to your website.
How to make a home page, blog page, contact page and about page.
How to add more pages to your blog.
How to make a logo and insert it into your blog.
Learn about plugins (like apps) and how to add them so your website can do whatever you want.

Plus much more!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:05:25 Setup Overview
00:08:34 Get Domain Name & Hosting
0:15:45 Get Hosting Discount
Use coupon code UNLOCK for the biggest available discount. I will also get a commission that allows me to make these in-depth tutorials for free at no additional cost to you, thank you!

00:16:35 Install WordPress
00:19:45 Login

00:20:45 Delete Plugins
00:23:15 Configure Permalinks
00:24:35 Install Theme
00:26:13 Install Template
00:30:31 Setup Pages
00:32:25 Add Blog Posts
00:41:08 Add Blog Page & Configure Menu

00:43:55 Homepage Design
01:06:48 Mobile Friendly Homepage

01:16:08 Create a Logo / Favicon
01:19:42 Header Design
01:28:25 Footer Design

01:35:05 Blog Page Design
01:43:41 Mobile Friendly Blog

01:47:21 About Page Design
01:56:00 Mobile Friendly About

02:00:17 Contact Page Design
02:05:16 Mobile Friendly Contact
02:06:52 Contact Form Setup

02:10:52 Blog Post Design

02:13:44 Logout

Hope you love it as much as I do.

49 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Blog – Step by Step”

  1. Thank you for this amazing tutorial! I've been struggling for months to design a website, resetting at least 3 times, and your tutorial made it possible to see how everything comes to life. I think I am ready to start blogging. Thank you so much!

  2. Dear Tyler, I promised to get back to you! A man, a word. As we say in the UK and Germany. An excellent recommendation! ❤❤❤ I am going "to jump" thanks to you.
    Start small.
    Is there any free tool or what is the cheapest tool to sell my ebooks on WP? Again, I aim to grow naturally and enjoy the process of going with the flow ❤❤❤……. Bless you from heart to heart, from a beginner to someone who knows what he is doing! 😊😊😊

  3. Hi Tyler. Thank you so much for another detailed tutorial! I'm literally using your tutorials to build my website if it's not by you, I don't watch it 😂 Tyler, I'm noticing that the Post Pagination widget in the UNLIMITED ELEMENTS plugin is no longer available. Do you know if there's an alternative to this widget?

  4. Very few experts know how to make a video for beginners or someone who has no idea what they should do – and this expert, right here, all I want to say is Thank you for your contribution. I just fell in love with the internet because of this video❤

  5. At 55.40 time installing pagination. That was not on my list. I noticed you had 20 post widgets awailable, my screen said only 19 so lets see what happens without pagination

  6. Tyler, I jut wanted to take a moment to thank you for this amazing tutorial! You got me inspired to go ahead with my new blog! I have a quick question though: is animation on home page hero still relevant in 2023?

  7. Hi Tyler! I found this tutorial very useful and put your teachings into practice step by step. A technical question: I would like to create a drop-down menu on the blog entry in the header to specify the three categories I deal with, how do I set this setting? A big hug! Thanx!!!

  8. This was an amazing video that helped me and I have zero experience. I tried an AI generated website but you still need to know all the info in this video to do something with it so I cancelled it and started again from scratch. I several mistakes but learned to correct them by watching it over and over. Thank You for sharing your knowledge and now begins the real journey into this hobby.

  9. I had my website designed in WPBakery and that was my mistake a year ago . Now converting to Elementor seems pretty difficult. Great video and at some point I will build my own website now using all the stuff I gave to my designer over a year ago…. He’s SACKED

  10. Awesome Guy and thank you for being so efficient in your videos. I’ve learnt photoshop, and premier and Lightroom and again there are one or 2 great guys out there to learn from . The rest just talk total BS and are not efficient

  11. Hi Tyler! Really appreciate your effort to give knowledge. I'm already halfway and really thankful!
    I do have a concern, upon installing the unlimited pages, there's only 19 widgets available and suddenly, no post pagination to activate/install. Is it a new update? If so, what alternative pagination can I activate? Hope you'll see my comment.
    P.S. Really really appreciate this video so much! 👌👌👌

  12. Nothing out there comes close to how good this guide it. It took me about 7-8 hours to get my site set up. Not only do I have everything set up in an attractive format, I now know so much about editing the site, and am free to truly customize with features I would have not found for some time. Thank you so much.

  13. What an incredible video. I am so grateful for the information you have shared. I think I can now say I am very confident to use WordPress as a CMS to come up with blog content for my audience. Thank you so much. ❤❤

  14. This was a great tutorial. The one thing that I could not do was install the pagination plug in. It was not available to me and i could not find another plugin that I could use. Apart from that this is an excellent tutorial.

  15. This is a superb tutortial, it must have taken a serious amount of time to plan, prep, script, record and edit – bravo.

    A couple of quick questions if anyone wants to jump in. I'm about to overhaul my site, haven't done it for about 7 years, it was done using html, css and foundation front end. Over the years it has become overly complicated to deal with the html – just the menu is now a mess a of code so moving to wordpress makes sense.

    My questions relate to the likelhood at some point to move to the paid versions or astra, elementor etc. which could become very exepnsive quickly and another annual subscription. It will incorporate a blog, small store selling pdf sheet music, video playlists from youtube, services, concert diary etc. (I'm a pianist and teacher). Would using something like Divi be better in the long term as I can pay once. (Have 2 sites to maintain). Subscriptions scare me a little as, especially with something like your website as they can jack up the fees and there is little one can do.

  16. How do I add this to a store? I followed your tutorial on building a store, still have somethings to tweek and fix but I need my blog back and services. Do I add this like adding a page

  17. This!!! This is what you call value! Thank you Tyler. This helped me beyond words. Somethings have changed with elementor…but it wasn’t too hard to find the changes with a little searching.

  18. I'm building my second blog with Tyler. There's no other expert who give for free such information.
    Thank you Tyler. every minute you spend for this video you're saving every hustler out there.

  19. Hi Tyler! I have another question that I can't find an answer to, I can't figure out how to subdivide articles that belong to different subsections created within the Blog page. For example, one subsection is dedicated to travel and the other to poetry and I don't want to mix up the articles even though they belong to the blog page. When I publish an article, it automatically appears on all the pages where there is a space dedicated to articles, I just can't find the solution! . Thank you for your patience in sharing your knowledge!

  20. you are amazing the way you taught that's Mindblowing I really love to learn from you. So Thank you so much for you efforts. But I need you help as I'm beginner, I follow each and every step by following your video but when I open my website the very first page it will open that's contains that 9 blogs which we are added into the post, means when I open my website the home page will not open instead of this some different page will open. so as I'm beginner I don't know where I did mistake….
    Please Help me out

    Thank you in Advance☺


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