How to Make a Free Blog Website on

Find out how you can create and customize a 100% free blog at which includes a free domain name and free website hosting.

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21 thoughts on “How to Make a Free Blog Website on”

  1. been fighting through stupid work arounds forever, learned more on what I need to do easier in this vid then years or blind fiddling. Both extremely greatful, and feeling really stupid.

  2. Hi, great video. I've set up my blog now for about a week. But it's not visible on Google. I've pasted my blog URL into to Google search engine and it doesn't come up. What can I do please.

  3. Thankyou ….it’s daunting for me as I’m older generation.
    But it’s worth a shot.
    Very disenchanted from previous attempts and R.I.P. of artists
    Many blessings


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