How to Make a Blog with WordPress and Make $1000+/Month

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Learn How To Create A Blog With WordPress Or Even A News Website With WordPress. Creating a blog in 2022 would be a great idea as we move towards an online working society.

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Timestamps for Blog Tutorial

Intro 00:00
Hosting 05:32
Install WordPress 10:07
General Settings 12:57
Get Theme 15:49
Uploading Theme 29:45
Import Demo Content: 33:12
How To Make A Post 35:18
Make A Menu 43:04
Make Homepage 44:55
Design Website 48:42
Design Blog Post 01:05:00
Create Custom Post 01:19:20
Create Custom Category Page: 01:24:06
Theme Customizer 01:27:19
Header Builder 01:32:39
View Counter 01:51:01
Advertisements 01:51:22
Mega Menu 01:53:43
Website Overview 01:56:39
Changing Demo Content 01:59:52
Website Optimization 02:01:12
Google Search Console 02:04:46
Google Analytics 02:06:57
Google Optimization 02:10:05
Google Adsense 02:12:35
Affiliate Programs 02:19:05
How To Get Traffic 02:23:28
Backlinks Explained 02:24:26
Google Rankings 02:26:03
SEO Companies 02:29:36
Outro 02:36:49

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Thanks for watching party people! I think this blog theme is one of the best blogging themes out there. I did try several blog themes before I made this video and it was a close call but I strongly felt the Jnews WordPress theme has everything that you need for your blog Feel free to visit my website at

29 thoughts on “How to Make a Blog with WordPress and Make $1000+/Month”

  1. Hey Darrel – I couldn't thank you enough for this invaluable content. I am getting back into blogging after a decade and trying to set up a website for my wife. JNews theme is a bit overwhelming and seems slow to me, what is your opinion? Also, wondering if you could tell me what video-making software you use to create the nice animations that we made in the SEO section of this video. Thank you, again!

  2. Hey Darrel, thank you for this tutorial. I had a quick question, however. Once the website is complete, how should we proceed to replace the default/phony blogs with our actual content? We want to promote the website as soon as possible. But it seems like we have to create enough of our own content first, in order to replace most if not all of the default/phony. Or is there an easier way around this? Thanks again.

  3. Unless I missed it: with Elementor Pro (which doesn't come with this theme) you can create any layout you want from scratch. Does JNews settings let you do this or are you forced to use their layouts and just make modifications?

  4. Guys a word of caution NameHero are a bunch of crocks and thieves. The charged my credit cards 5 times for the same one-year subscription and the never returned it. They also blocked me from live chat and never responded to the several support tickets that I raised. Seek Alternative hosting services.

  5. Brilliant tutorial… I cant thank you enough for the way in which you delivered the help, in less than a week you have gave me a solid foundation to create my website.

    Will defo be looking through your other tutorials, to find some more great tips and suggestions.

    Thank you ❤

  6. Pls I installed elementor and elementor pro alongside the jnews theme but anytime I try to edit my website with elementor it’s always saying “there’s been a critical error on this site” pls how can I fix this thanks

  7. Hello, I just bought the theme through your link but the installation not completing… it stopped at the last stage. What is your advice please. I try to get support from the JNEWS but couldnt get their support link

  8. Hi Darrel, thank you for the amazing videos. I noticed while I'm on the category template using the inbuilt modules, I am getting a warning for "optimal column" and says this module works best with column 4,8,12 ( current width 9). How can I solve this?

  9. Amazing video, as always! Your channel consistently provides invaluable insight and guidance, truly a gem in the YouTube universe.

    I have a question, I hope you can provide some guidance. I'm currently developing a single-page website for a small new accounting firm. This site will contain all the necessary information, alongside a blog. I was wondering if it would be advantageous to use the JNews theme for the blog, and then leverage that theme to build the main page? The main page would not be presented as a blog page, but rather as a small business homepage.

    Alternatively, do you think it's more beneficial to build the main page solely using Elementor?

    I value your input greatly, and I look forward to your response. Keep up the fantastic work!


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