How to Maintain OSRS Membership Using Bonds (2)

This short series of money making videos focuses on how newer players to Membership can play casually and still make enough money to buy a bond at the end of the 2 weeks.

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29 thoughts on “How to Maintain OSRS Membership Using Bonds (2)”

  1. For people doing Mort Fungas: Now a days its better to be on World 30 with a tablet to house. Obviously it will cut profits by about 4 fungus or so. Tele to house, drink purple slurp, bank via however in the house. Go back to house. Go to Canifis from nexus portal and repeat.

  2. Thanks for this video, my brother sponsored my first bond two weeks ago, and i somewhat listened and tent to make yew longbows, but with an almost full product line. So i started by buying 8k flax, spun them, then i got 60wc(should have as f2p), got hosidius favour and spent 3 days there gathering 8k yew logs. I fletched all i cut, so i had almost 70 fletching but maple is cheap af, and uncut bows are a tenfold profit vs the logs. But after a day of stringing 8k yew longbows, at 500ea it made me 4m and i had about 1m drops from herbs and armour from slayer. Im thinking of buying membership next time not to pay that ridiculous tax :D. Great series, maybe something similar in the future?

  3. I really struggled to make the GP to Bond until my level was high enough to do Barrows. Now I spend one day every two weeks smashing it and make 5m+ with the help of Runelite. Happy days!

  4. I just did birdhouse and ranaar weed runs. Got about 1mil every 3 days. The downside is the chore of it kind of killed my interest in the game for a while.
    I went back to paying for membership and the game got fun again.

  5. Necklace of passage to wiz tower for a fairy ring, dueling ring to ferox for bank, and pool of refreshment. Really good method when collecting fungus.

  6. "there it is, done" haha this shit would take new players ages to do/figure out. Realistically the only way to maintain a bond is to first grind ur ass off at f2p first


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