How to Install a Blogger Template – Upload a Professional Blogger Theme For Your Blog

Learn how to install a blogger template in 2019. I will show you how to find professional blogger templates and install blogger themes on your own blog. The standard blogger templates are outdated and look like old websites, but you can find free blogger themes that can be used to make your blog look much more professional, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly. I will show you how to find blogger templates for mobile and the best responsive blogger templates as well.

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The way to install a new blogger theme is to first create your Blogger blog. From there, you want to go to your dashboard. On your dashboard will be an option for ‘Theme.’ The default option will be to choose the standard themes offered by Blogger. However, most people will want to find a more professional, responsive template that makes your website or blog look beautiful. Use the 2 sources above and you will find a variety of blogs themes.

Once you find the Blogger theme you love, you want to download it for free. You will get a zip file on your computer that you can then extract. Open that folder, and you will see an XML file. On your Blogger ‘Theme’ page, click on the ‘Backup / Restore’ button in the top right corner. Upload the XML file, and click on the Upload button. After that, you will have a new Blogger theme installed for your Blog, and you can now customize it.

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  1. Hey i have a problem with thath. I cant make friendly with mobile devices. BUT, i dont have a MOBILE section on THEME's. What the heck happening with Blogger just for 1 year ? =(

  2. High five bro , so informative and true , i actually did exactly what you said and it worked straight away without any obstacles , thank you 🙏🏽


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