How to Create a WordPress Blog Using Elementor Tutorial

In this Elementor tutorial, you will learn how to create a WordPress blog. Start your WordPress blog with Hostinger web hosting 👉

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If you have no idea how to create a WordPress blog, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Watch our Elementor tutorial to find all information you need to start a blog.

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🕒 Timestamps
00:00:00 – Introduction to the Course
00:04:30 – Setting Up Your WordPress Blog
00:33:54 – Astra Theme and Elementor Page Builder
00:39:01 – Building WordPress Pages With Elementor
01:10:26 – Customizing Your WordPress Blog
01:35:03 – Adding Content: Posts, and Categories
01:45:56 – WordPress SEO for Beginners

These are the topics we will cover in this Elementor tutorial:

🔵 Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

Learn the basics of how to create a WordPress blog. We will show you how to set up hosting, install WordPress, and install an SSL certificate.

You will also learn to set up a business email account and point your domain name to a new host. Then, to help you easily manage your site, we will walk you through the most important parts of the WordPress dashboard and its settings.

🔵 Astra Theme and Elementor

WordPress themes and plugins are an important part of this tutorial, so you will learn the basics of the Astra Theme and Elementor page builder.

Astra Theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes and it is very easy to manage, especially combined with Elementor’s drag-and-drop editor.

🔵 Building WordPress Pages With Elementor

Creating WordPress pages with Elementor is a great way to start your project without coding. This page builder has an intuitive interface, great for beginners.

🔵 Customizing Your WordPress Blog

Customizing your WordPress blog is essential to make it stand out from the crowd, especially when using pre-made themes and templates. We will show you how to customize it in several ways, create a footer, and use widgets and social media icons.

🔵 Adding Content: Posts and Categories

Learn how to add various categories and navigation menus to your website and how to manage them easily. We will also walk you through the WordPress text editor, where you will find out how to add your first blog post.

🔵 WordPress SEO for Beginners

One of the most important parts when learning how to create a WordPress blog is SEO. Implementing SEO helps your content get a better reach, strengthening your online presence. In this Elementor tutorial, we will show you how to learn and manage WordPress SEO easily and what are the best SEO tools.

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36 thoughts on “How to Create a WordPress Blog Using Elementor Tutorial”

  1. Hello, i am thinking of moving my website to hostinger, and I am not all that techie guy, can you guys do a video on step by step way to migrate my website to one of your hosting plan? i have Cloudflare installed and I will be very happy if you guys can do a video for us to follow

  2. Elementor очень крутой конструктор. Не понимаю тех Веб разработчиков, которые высказываются о нем плохо, при этом создавая убогие сайты как во времена Pentium2.

  3. I have started to switch my own and my client's sites to Hostinger. They were all previously with Siteground. I did like Siteground, but couldn't justify the cost. My clients are happy and so am I!

  4. Hello sir thank you so much for giving us excellent idea specially me i'm new in this work and i don't have any idea about website but i tried my best to do my job ..And you are a good teacher and mentor it helps me a lot Godbless and keep safe always from Kim Almendras

  5. I tried to use the widgets as you showed with the 4 sections, however it is not showing up after I complete everything. Do I have to customize the footer Bar or widgets in the customization section?

  6. Excellent video. So informative. I literally built my WordPress using your tutorial step by step, every page matched yours. I really also appreciate the fact that you didn't use it to sell anything. Out of all of the videos I watched on this subject, I found yours the easiest to follow. Thank you so much. Keep it up.


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