How To Cook Sausages In A Pan

This guide shows you How To Cook Sausage In A Pan.
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34 thoughts on “How To Cook Sausages In A Pan”

  1. I always end up undercooking these motherfuckers and giving myself fucking food poisoning. They're not even that hard to make and I can cook literally everything else BUT FUCKING SAUSAGES

  2. I think its better to cook sausages in water a pinch of salt and onions. The skin goes very soft, then when they are cooked add gravy granules to the mix. Add some mashed potatoes and hey presto! A delicious sausage & mash and Onion gravy dinner, with succulent soft skins. Be sure to cook the sausages slowly, to ensure that they cook properly. Keep it on a low heat for about an hour.

  3. This is the proper way of cooking sausages (and will avoid you getting food poisoning):
    1. Make a few holes in the sausage skin with a knife.
    2. Heat up some water in a frying pan (only a third to a half pan full)
    2. Once its boiling on high heat, put your sausages into the pan, reduce to medium heat, and cover. Turn the sausages around every few minutes so the water and steam does a boil/steam combo to cook the inside sausage meat nicely.
    3. By the tim the water has boiled completely away the insides would be cooked, add a bit of oil into the now free of water pan (be careful of a bit of splashback from the sausages)
    4. brown the sausage skins nicely over a low/medium heat
    5. Done! Properly cooked sausages that taste good, look good, and wont give you the runs


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