How To Build A Markdown Blog Using Node.js, Express, And MongoDB

This is my most comprehensive video to date. In this video I cover absolutely everything you need to know about Node.js, MongoDB, and Express by building out a complete blog with markdown support. This video covers a ton of content from the basics of setting up an Express server to the complex structure of building a full stack web application. If you are wanting to get started in web development then this is the perfect tutorial for you.

📚 Materials/References:

GitHub Code:
MongoDB Install Tutorial:
Async/Await Tutorial:

🧠 Concepts Covered:

– How to create an Express server
– Connecting MongoDB with Express
– The structure of a full stack application
– How to setup database hooks

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35 thoughts on “How To Build A Markdown Blog Using Node.js, Express, And MongoDB”

  1. Hello, I am having an issue with the Mongoose API, when I save a document I want to save on the collection "Accounts", even though I write like that, on the database it creates another collection with the name "accounts", and I end up having two collections with the same name, but the only difference is that one has a capital letter while the other one doesnt. And I want to save on the capital letter, how can I do that?

    Btw I must appreciate the fact that you made this tutorial, really straightforward, keep up doing a good work like this 🙂

  2. my css doesnt load up can u show how to do that.. when I run my server from go live option everything looks fine , but when I use local host.. its just HTML nothing else

  3. It's a fantastic knowledge given from you Kyle, thanks a million.
    I'm a bit afraid to say that I couldn't make the "Save" going trough the database I could see my "article" and "articleSchema" both has the whole information, however the try never runs, always it goes to the catch {scope} straight away. 🙃

  4. FYI – I suspect it is a version difference with dompurify or jsdom because at the end my forms wouldn't submit at all until I copied your 'nodemodules' folder into my project directory and removed the existing folder

  5. How would I go about creating blog articles where I can upload multiple photos in different areas of the article? I watched the mybrary tutorial but that only showed how to upload a cover image for each book/article?

  6. When I'm trying to set the POST method in the new.ejs, I keep getting the error

    "Could not find matching close tag for "<%="."

    Even when I try copy and pasting his code just to find out where the syntax went wrong, it gives me the exact same error.

  7. The shear amount of "developers" in this comments section that expect someone to just solve their problem for them with little to no research or effort on their end is exhausting. You want to be a developer? This is part of being a developer. You are a problem solver. Start learning how to problem solve or your career as a developer is going to non existent. It's one thing to ask for help after you've spent hours upon hours researching on your own and trying out possible solutions. Its quite another to simply beg strangers online to handle your work for you with no effort on your end. The reality is that if your doing this, and this is your go to mentality – you are not learning anything anyways aside from how to type quicker and anyone dumb enough to hire you is going to be incredibly disappointed.

  8. My delete button does not work, I did done in this video and instead of it deleting anything it just takes me to a new page and says Cannot DELETE /articles/the id of the article . How do I fix this?

  9. solved – TypeError : marked is not a function , solution – const {marked} = require("marked") in article.js file. I have completed the project. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  10. I have never finished a full tutorial building a complete project until this one! Wow so helpful and helped me understand a bit more of how to build something more full-stack! Thank you so much!!! Hope to see more!!!!


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