How I Edit My YouTube Videos | Garima's Good Life (English Subtitles)

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Finally I present to you a video about my editing. This is my first attempt at a technical video, so if you like it please give it a thumbs-up.
My Editing Software- I Movie
My Laptop- Mac Book Air

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45 thoughts on “How I Edit My YouTube Videos | Garima's Good Life (English Subtitles)”

  1. thank you so much didi mein ek vlogger hu apke jesa thanks for sharing this video from
    your youtube channel ❀big fan from New York please pin my comments here soon❀❀

  2. Why are you starting off in English and then going into another language? It's unfortunate that it's misleading because it's something people are looking for just not in Punjabi.

  3. Aap kyu crime patrol me weird roles karte hai mam , that too mostly negative. You are so good looking , please choose positive characters. Thanks, and wish you the best


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