How I Became a TRAVEL VLOGGER | Make Money Even if You're Just Starting Out as a YouTuber!

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In this video, I share with you my tips on how I became a travel blogger and how you can make money even if you’re just starting out as a YouTuber! I never knew this life of making money while you’re traveling was even possible but there are countless ways in which you can make money as a travel vlogger, and hopefully the travel vlogging tips in this video will help you get started! In this video, I share all my tips based on my own experience of creating a career as a YouTuber and travel vlogger, and also explain how I get sponsors for my travels! Hope this answers the question a lot of people ask me about how I travel so much and how I afford my travels.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro (my travels)
0:56 – What’s in this video
2:28 – Start Traveling On Your Own
3:47 – Ways to Save Money
5:09 – Equipment
5:58 – Learn Skills and Uplevel Yourself
7:42 – Niche Down
9:03 – How Often to Create Content
10:17 – Ways to Make Money

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43 thoughts on “How I Became a TRAVEL VLOGGER | Make Money Even if You're Just Starting Out as a YouTuber!”

  1. Hey you are giving lots of good information for others, Good for you, You seem to be very generous, Good for you, basically you are earning Lots of good deeds for yourself, Unlike others

  2. How much do you think you need IF you already have the equipment. I have the cameras. Lenses, drones; go pros, mics etc bc I’m a wedding photographer and videographer.

    I’d like to go go to the Philippines which can be cheap cost of living depending on lifestyle choices.

    I think maybe $10k-15k so about $1k a month for a year.

  3. 4:08 Hmm I have to save from 2025 6:18 Sponser karne lagi ! You were a beautiful girl so that's why your channel kickstarted soon 9:48 10:18 How to make money I) Freelancing 10:40 Writing Articles for Expedia, Singapore & she got 6000 to ₹7K😮 per Month! 11:04 Upwork or Fivrr 11:18 Taking Photos of Hotels & asking them to make their video! 12:35 Volunteering In Hotel/Hostel 13:24 Affiliate Marketing 4:09 Sponsorship by Brands

  4. Hii I'm a introvert person i don't if u will see my comment or not but i want to ask so many questions to u may it will make u frustrated. I search so many things about world travel but i didn't get exactly what I want. I have watched "Jawaani hai deewani" of ranbir kapoor and i got inspired from it and i asked about this with my brother he said if u do some degree something like that and have some skill the government will take all the budget of your and you can travel for free but we have to do something to make money. So can u tell something about this?

    Edit:- i know about making money but like how the government manage the things for the travel it is real? Can u please tell me about this


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