How Failures Made Me India's Biggest Influencer | Komal Pandey | Josh Talks

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Imagine a life in which you can live on your own terms, have the freedom to choose how you spend your time and the projects on which you work. With enough planning, patience and determination, this situation can be yours.

Watch this Josh Talks by Komal Pandey to know how she managed to become a blogger and a youtuber. Komal is a popular figure on YouTube and is running her own vlog. She has also collaborated with channels like PopXO, Timeliners and Girliyapa. Why did she choose to be her own boss? Watch this to know more.

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45 thoughts on “How Failures Made Me India's Biggest Influencer | Komal Pandey | Josh Talks”

  1. When a person become rich n influential whatever comes out from their mouth,even how they struggle to breath looks inspiring n motivating….
    (No hate!!) She is doing good…
    Just saying !!
    Many of us are struggling even for basic amenities n fighting every single day to make the best of us

  2. You have to uplift yourself honey, nobody is going to do that for you. You should be the one to motivate yourself, you should be the one with a high calibre. People have got their own shit to deal with.

  3. Sab doglapan hai iska… Cosmetic surgery karwake mohatarama Body positivity ki baat karti hai! Ghatiya fashion sense…joh blazer ke andar bra and cycling shots pehenke fashion bolti hai… Har outfit mai sirf mammary cleft dikhati hai jisko cleavage bolti hai lol. Ghee ko vegan bolti hai. Dumbest Influencer.

  4. I appreciate just Josh talk in core of my heart and it provide me best platform to learn English even now I have been watching many video on josh talk aand most of the people here are available who belong to India and mostly Indian giving here speech related to the their failure and success

  5. Conservative, narrow minded parents are as Same as curse for their own child in this currently modernly growing culture and society .They prove as a barrier in thier child growth just because of their own freaking principles n all.
    They don't give permission to their child to explore and involve.. because of their narrow mentality and society pressure…… Feeling extremely sad to bear all these pressure nonsense and everything just because of others


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