How does Fingerprint Under Display work?? – OnePlus 6T

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Fingerprint on Screen (FoD) lets you unlock your phone using a fingerprint reader that’s hidden behind the smartphone’s glass. You can find this biometric technology on the OnePlus 6T.

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37 thoughts on “How does Fingerprint Under Display work?? – OnePlus 6T”

  1. What is the big deal about reaching a 'no bezel standard'? I mean if you're smart, you're going to put it in a case, anyways. All the curved edge displays on the Samsung's, crack to easily.

  2. Uh guys, testing fingerprint scanner for different materials is trivial – just cut square sheet and try scanning your finger trough it. It actually works – I tried it with thin foil and with piece of plastic bottle – it doesn't work well but I still managed to unlock phone.

  3. So my big question is glove comparability. I ride a motorcycle and use my iPhone 6s (yes I know it’s a relic now) to navigate and play music. I can actually unlock my phone with my gloves on (always always where gloves) Incase I need to switch apps or something. Face unlock won’t work because of my helmet and I don’t want to lose that functionality. So, leather glove test maybe?

  4. The new OnePlus 6T has been confirmed and will have a in display fingerprint sensor. My issue is how will this work with applications that ask for fingerprint such as online banking?

  5. Here's a cool trick
    It you wrap a piece of foil around a pencil and try to set up a new fingerprint it will recognize and start to scan the fingerprint or the foil 😂😂🤣🤣

  6. you like FP readers in the front….i like them how google pixels do them, i work standing up, in a store….when i grab my phone from my pocket my finger finds the spot…and phone is unlocked….having the reader on the front, and down at the bottom of the screen makes my grip on the phone a lot less secure….i was ready to grab the pixel 4…but lack of FPR, and the fact i always wear glasses including reflective sunglasses….has me looking elsewhere but i guess OnePlus is not for me either….damn it


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