How did Ghostbusters know your bank account balance?!

1984’s Ghostbusters game was one of the first ever to let you save a game that you could reload on any copy in the world even Afterlife ahem! Who you gonna call to find out how? Perifractiiiiic mwahahaha! This Quick Bytes made possible by the supporters & our friendly sponsor PCBWay:

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0:00 Intro & context
4:52 How it works

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25 thoughts on “How did Ghostbusters know your bank account balance?!”

  1. No surprise, given the atrocious business model of early videogames where you basically had the UI and the manual as DLCs. Luckily, the primitive 8-bit hardware prevented them from doing something truly nefarious, like hijacking some tracks on your HD.

  2. 3:18 Those loading stripes seemed to go on forever! As kids, we would load a game and then go have lunch. Then come back to find game had loaded or a nasty load error message. A neighbourhood friend and I had the idea that if we did not pay attention to loading stripes, the game would load faster and without any load errors too. So we would turn our backs to the screen and do something else. 😄

  3. The game that I could not wait to open on Christmas day was the Intellvision Pitfall…….so I didn't ……I carefully opened the present a week before Christmas and re-wrapped it!

  4. This was brilliant. We still have the game sitting on a shelf full of C64 games along with a C64 and C128D. Our Ghostbusters is the one released in Ocean's 'They Sold a Million #3' pack. All tapes stored vertically, of course.


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