From $10 a day to six figures as a travel blogger | GLO ATANMO | I Am A Creator – S1E1

This is Season 1, Episode 1 of the I Am A Creator documentary series about why the future belongs to creators. For more visit

It would be great if we could chase our dreams without any outside input. But for some reason, there is always input. Sometimes it’s life-giving, like receiving the well-timed encouragement of a friend (or stranger) at exactly the same moment you were thinking about giving up. But other times, it’s crushing. Not everyone always sees the possibilities we see. Not everyone understands our dreams.

But does that mean we should change our dreams? Or worse, stop chasing them at all?

Watch what happened when Gloria Atanmo dared to chase a dream beyond expectations.


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Series produced by ConvertKit and filmed by Henry Thong.


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We know that being a creator is hard, and we hope to give you a little inspiration and motivation by showcasing the stories of creators we love.

From writers to musicians, filmmakers to podcasters… though our crafts may be different, the spirit of our journeys are the same. We persevere. We keep going.

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30 thoughts on “From $10 a day to six figures as a travel blogger | GLO ATANMO | I Am A Creator – S1E1”

  1. I'm in tears listening the message in this video. Glo is such an inspiration! As first-generation Colombians-American, I too struggle a lot with the notion of pleasing my parents and pursuing my passion. Such a great video!

  2. Ahhh I love this! I always feel so inspired after watching a video or reading a caption Glo posts. Literally my favorite travel blogger in the game, I love how she is paving a way for new bloggers and content creators out there. 💕🙏🏾👏🏾

  3. Thank you for sharing, Glo, and thank you for creating this series, ConvertKit. You both shine. Fave takeaway: "The more I just shared my struggles, the quicker the audience came." ~ Glo Atanmo

  4. Such an inspiration Glo! I watched the video twice also finding myself in tears. As A recent divorcee after a 19 year marriage, listening to woman like you Glo helps me realize its not to late to chase my dreams as well! I hope to learn more from you and from Convert Kit So I too can can be a "Creator". Peace ☮

  5. I cannot express enough how much I absolutely love this woman or explain just how much she has affected my life, given me encouragement and inspiration, or said just the right words, that she gets it, "For I've been there." Her words, her smile, her joy, her magic has helped me to survive, and thrive, during some of the darkest days of my life. It was Glo who gave me hope.


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