BLOGGING TIPS from a Full Time Blogger | What you need to know before you start a blog

I’ve been blogging for over nine years! Now it’s my full-time job, but I started it as a creative outlet while I was a freshman in college. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences, but starting one nowadays can seem like a daunting task. Here are my top tips for starting a blog.

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46 thoughts on “BLOGGING TIPS from a Full Time Blogger | What you need to know before you start a blog”

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  2. I gave up the one I started because Google kept disapproving my Adsense application. I wish I can get someone to help me remove everything Google doesn't wanna see on my page would've loved to start over. It was a beautiful and cool blog page I had gotten there. Anyone willing to help will be appreciated. Thanks

  3. I started, I stopped, I started, I stopped LOL. Really hoping 2022 is the year I can focus on blogging! Wonderful video and I just stumbled upon your blog… great content and gorgeous layout (congrats on your baby!!).

  4. I’m new to this blogging arena. I’m a fiber artist and enjoy what I do. Since the pandemic I have been engaged more into my craft. Any tips for getting started would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I recently came across your video and I have started a blog site of my own. I thought that was a necessity. I certainly understand your point of consistent publishing. One thing you said, that I'm looking for advice on is; content diversity. My topics so far have ranged from CBM, transit, historic (specifically the Avro Arrow), and a couple pieces I'll call personal. Am I being too diverse? I would really appreciate your guidance on this matter.

  6. It’s a few years later and I came across your YouTube. I loved the way you expressed yourself and all the good information on starting a blog. I’m retired and always wanted to start a blog but got inundated with all the advice from so many different outlets. So I put it on the back burner. Now, listening to you and reading your blog posts, I feel I have a direction to start from. Thank you and keep inspiring people like myself to never give up.

  7. Love how real and passionate you are. Some people make blogging terrifying and technical. I always wanted to go into blogging but was put off. Really love this video of yours.

  8. This is what happened to me I started and got 0 engagement so I stopped posting anything for years … I’m so glad I’m finding youtubers like you that are real about the ups and downs


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