Battlefield 1 Video Card Showdown – Surprisingly Compatible

It’s about that time again – the yearly installment of all of our favorite shooters have begun to arrive. Just how current does your PC need to be to run BF1 beautifully?

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24 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Video Card Showdown – Surprisingly Compatible”

  1. I am getting my Gigabyte RX 460 2GB today. It's replacing a VisionTek Radeon HD 6950 2GB and I had to use the low shadow settings for a while until I decided to sacrifice ambient occlusion for medium shadows. And I totally had shadow hatching on the matchmaking background globe and occasional shadow flashing in game. After going up to medium it all seemed to go away. I have an older Dell 1680p 60Hz monitor, so I'm interested to see what fps I'll get since it's not full 1080p.

  2. this might be one of the worst vids they ever made, it should be taken down and done over on the actual game and not the beta as most ppl like myself lost 30+ frames, if you dont have an i7 you are not playing this game constant 60 at 1080p

  3. Wait… Can someone explain me. I have an i7 2600, 16 ddr3 gb ram, gtx 1070 and I can't run it on ultra smoothly at 1200p. Questions:
    Would it help if I move bf1 on my ssd? (I assume it will only affect loading times, right?)
    Is my cpu becoming a bottleneck? (currently I don't have money the money to upgrade it.)

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  5. I just recently decided to get Battlefield 1 on my school laptop
    It has 4 gb of Ram
    And AMD 3020e with Radeon Graphics
    How would I optimize it for best performance?


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