Apple Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit – The Truth

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Apple claims that they MUST limit their Macbooks to 16GB of RAM to limit concerns about battery life… Is there any legitimacy to that claim?

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49 thoughts on “Apple Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit – The Truth”

  1. I'm not sure exactly why i'm commenting on a 2 year old video. But could apple be using a MB chipset designed to only handle 16GB of ram and saving power that way?

  2. L3ave apple alone, they're just trying to make money, is it really their fault people keep handing them money for shitty products? If you like Apple you deserve to be fuck by them, I say Ross should stop helping all of the apple users

  3. Whenever LTT is reviewing Apple products the review is VERY biased but this time you were spot on! Kudos (and liked the video)!!
    I thought it was common sense that the only difference in power consumption were at the number os RAM sticks (and the voltage of course) so yeah 8gb/16gb/32gb ain't the issue here as long as we're talking 2 sticks of RAM.
    Also the fact that the laptop has 2 cores is complete BS. 4 cores might drain more power but to a pro user that wouldn't be a factor as much as performance.
    So yeah Apple's 'Pro' line is more of a brand name now than it is products for professionals – desktops included! Let's all grab some G5 cases on eBay and build our own Hackintosh's then…

  4. More than ten years to love with apple. But I’m done with them. When they make first touch bar MacBook Pro. Touch bar is never never never useful. Fucking disgusting USBC. They even show down my 1000$ thunderbolt hard drive speed like shit . Solid hard drive cannot upgrade. Memory cannot upgrade. Fuck the shit company. And my last MacBook unpro.

  5. Why is james. Is it james? Dressed like linus in this video? I thought linus had gained weight when i saw the thumbnail either that or im going blind. My mother was right

  6. Mac is only alive because of professional users and fan boys/girls cause i know nobody else who use macs optionally except for mynretarded cousin who thinks having apple everything is "legit" lol

  7. There is CPU Socket, that means there could be RAM Chip socket too which can be upgradable. I just don't get Apple. They are oriented on money profit more than losing clients like me…

  8. imagine if apple came out with a unibody sized MacBook Pro refresh with a 5 times bigger battery, 64 gigs of ram and an i9 that won't cook breakfast… only 15 grand and its yours

  9. As a data scientist/machine learning engineer – I can confirm I never had to use a SD slot. Never worked at a tech company without a MacBook as the default choice.however, on YouTube, a laptop is only for the creative or content creator. Why would one need a laptop to do all of that – when you can grab a desktop to handle the heavy lifting.

  10. They want u to keep upgrading one thing i realized with apple is everything is about money with them. Hence their products so hard to find parts for like an ISL GPU vcore chip something Luis mentioned. Another example is the soldered in parts.

  11. Hey guys. Got a question. Yes I know Apple solders everything on their bored and that really sucks as do many things about Apple, but that's another story (btw I'm typing on an old macbook pro lol). But what happens if you removed the solder took out, say the ram, and popped in new memory, would that work? Or would it kill the logic board?

  12. the truth is that Apple soldered the RAM on their new machines on purpose to prevent what people used to do with the unibody macbook pro's.
    apple stated these unibody macbook pro's only support up to 8gb of ram, people found out that they are actually in fact capable o 16gb of ram, so what many people did is buy the 4gb ram model and install 16gb of ram on it on their own, avoiding the 300$ apple price.
    apple saw that and knew that their new 2016 macbook pro's are in fact capable of 32gb of ram and decided to screw over the consumer, (you aint upgrading shit on this machine dipshit, want more ram? pay us more money!, want more storage? pay us more money!)

  13. late comment, but also you should take into account that if you indeed use software that fills up the 32GB on a 16Gb system, the power will skyrocket with the continuous swapping to (wired) disk.

    Also, the arguably useful touch bar will consume much more than the memory sticks.

    Thank god hackintoshes are around.

  14. Apple always says that there notebooks are working for more than 10 hours on the battery, and that is true, I have a i7 HP and a 2015 MacBook Pro, and in working time the MacBook outperformes the HP, but Apple had to give the choice to the customer.
    What I think, because Apple is not the only one who glues memory to the mainboard, that wanting to make the smallest lightest laptop makes it's victims, and the first one is swapping memory.
    But why do we complain about it, we can't change the memory easily from our smartphones. That said, I think that Apple sees it's notebook as a very large iPhone.

    What I am curious about, I don't know if you tested this too, if you are working on your laptop, say with some heavier applications like Premiere Pro, if heat is accelerating the power consumption of the memory, so more heat, more consumption…..

    Ooh and it is possible to upgrade the ram, but easy, nah, you need really skills to do that.

  15. Looking back, I am so glad that LTT as grow more mature from now. I am sure the LTT of today will not accuse a 13 inch laptop of not having a dedicated graphics card and not having ddr 4 support at that time.

  16. Great video! Just found out today that my late 2012 13" MacBook Pro Retina with 8 gigs of RAM can't be upgraded. This is so stupid. This is why you buy a PRO model, so you can do PRO things–just like you said. I just started using DaVinci Resolve to edit video and audio and unfortunately for me, and perhaps many others, it has minimum system requirements of 16GB's of ram, but they recommend 32! So let's say I went out and bought the latest 16" MBP with 32GB's of ram today. That would cost me at least $3000! It would work great TODAY. But what about 5 years from now when Adobe or DaVinci requires 64 or 128GB's of ram? I would be screwed! You were right it's planned obsolescence. Apple get your act together STOP selling us supposedly PRO equipment that can't be upgraded.

  17. I love the touch bar JustU.Faith/Mac_Pro?閣 which I fully planned to hate after reading the reviews. It’s easy to customize and it does so many things just when you need them. Example, in finder, the trash can and new folder are right there (in my setup). In Quicktime it has a scrubber bar that lets you smoothly scroll to the frame you want. Oh well, some will hate it – i like it.

  18. I upgraded from an 8GB Macbook Pro to a 16GB and what I noticed was, with 8GB it used almost 100% of RAM all the time, and now with 16GB it uses around 50% and rarely goes beyond that. Anyways… I don't think 32GB would be roommy, as the current one I have uses the space over and under the motherboard, and probably there are chips out there capable of holding twice as much at the same size.

  19. Apple probably wants to sell more Mac Pros with tons of ram rather than continue to allow pros get away with using their MBPs and Minis and iMacs. I bet it's going to be a few years before tons of ram becomes a thing for anything but MPros.


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