ALMOST Good Enough to Switch… – Fujifilm X-T2 Review

Fujifilm is trying to show that they’ve got what it takes to take the crown in the DSLR market. Have they succeeded with the X-T2?

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24 thoughts on “ALMOST Good Enough to Switch… – Fujifilm X-T2 Review”

  1. Fuji makes great camera, great lenses but their biggest flaw is lack of full frame camera, without full frame I could never see myself moving to Fuji, I would get it for fun or travel use but I am not rich enough for that, for now will stay with Nikon for stills and Sony for video, Fuji give me a call when you get FF camera, till then I will be sitting on the fence waiting.

  2. Hi I own the xt2 and am somewhat new to photography. When’s I’m in aperture priory mode I still feel like my pictures are either underexposed or over exposed (even when adjusting exposure compensation) to what seems right on the evf. Should I change my metering ? Like the vid a lot thanks

  3. A strange review. No one buys an X-series Fuji for the video – at least not yet. They're all about the stills and the glass, which are superlative.

  4. Great review! Most of these complaints have been fixed with firmware! That is the primary reason most love the fuji ecosystem. No other camera company does that. You basically get a new camera every 6 month or so!

  5. Stellar review. This camera keeps on getting better and better the more eye use it. Fotomix Fringer now makes a pretty good electronic adapter. Its $300 plus and I find that it works much better with Canon glass than Sigma. It's really brought some new life into some of my L lenses. What a combo!

  6. For just straight photography I feel fujifilm x-t2/x-t3 with kit lens is the way to go if your starting out. Yeah the 56,16, and 80mm ois are around $900.00 each but the glass is phenomenal. And I'm not anti- Nikon,Sony, Canon, Olympus. All make great cameras. And don't let anyone tell you to get a full-frame or nothing BS. Because it's BS.


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