10 Stylish Fashion Bloggers We Follow & So Should You

10 Stylish Fashion Bloggers We Follow & So Should You
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What are some famous fashion bloggers?
What are some famous fashionistas?
Which female bloggers should you follow on instagram?
Best blogs in fashion?

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42 thoughts on “10 Stylish Fashion Bloggers We Follow & So Should You”

  1. I love fashion as much as the next girl, but everyone should watch Stacey Dooley's Documentary "Fashion's Dirty Secrets" to get an idea of how unsustainable the current trend for "Fast Fashion" is and how it is impacting our global water supply and the populations in some of the world's poorest countries. We can still all be fashionable on a much more reduced scale.

  2. You have been such an inspiration as 2019 has been very harsh for me😔, and to get through all this hard time all your videos has helped me alot🙏 . To divert my mind from those time I opened a youtube channel of my own .🌏 Just to mentioned it that you made me belive in life again .✨
    Any ways great going I also wanted to say that I recently posted a video on my channel. So I would be very happy if you would watch the video and Subscribe to my channel.It truly would make me smile .😊 Thank you for inspiring me.🌏 #speadlove

  3. Why there is nothing for Curvy girls? Fashion is not only meant for slim trim girls alone but I mean like Every shape and size women loves to fashion but how about For curvy girls fashion bloggers ? 😞☹️

  4. Hello world,, I want to meet female bloggers to be as the great chapperon 😂,, and to travel around the 4 corner of the word free,,and inviting to travel here in my beautiful country, Philippines

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  6. It feels like a waiter is introducing the very long menu of the resturant after that we can tell what we want to order, The intro is very much long plz keep it short and i m not gonna watch this video may be next time.

  7. 1 xenia choumitchena from lugano
    2 lydia eliseo millen from willen UK
    3 doona ciobanu from London uk
    4 jill Wallace from California .
    5 johnna Emma olsson from Stockholm sweden
    6 alina cruzan from club Romania
    7 julie sarinana from Mexico
    8. Shiralee Coleman from Sydney Australia
    9. Natasha ndlovu from London UK
    10. Priscilla Betancourt from Barcelona

  8. A u.k young lady by the name of Freddy Cousin-Brown her YouTube channel is called Freddy My Love and A young woman named Alice Cookie who resides in Tokyo Japan and there's a YouTube channel called Fashion Mumblr by a woman named Josie them are my favorites so far. And an African American girl that has a channel called The Chic Natural she does everything from fashion to beauty to hair.


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